Why settle for fitting in

Why settle for fitting in

“Clothes maketh the man.” When William Shakespeare wrote that famous line his intent was clearly to underscore the role that sartorial elegance plays in the impression a man makes in society and amongst his peers. At work, at play and for special occasions. At VAVCI we have made a work ethos out of that sentiment. Why settle for fitting in

when you can stand out. The concept of setting the bar at another level in the realm of men’s clothing was taken as a challenge by the designer couple Kanika and Vishal Mehra because they truly believed that the most discerning of men had a limited range to choose from; personalized styling combined with the ‘pur-suit’ of excellence would afford them a unique opportunity to give their wardrobe a regal touch. Our clients appreciate our approach, the whole sensory experience of curating an ensemble or a closet…. rich fabrics, perfect fit, impeccable finish and, warm personalized service that makes shopping at VAVCI memorable.

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