The perfect wedding suit

The perfect wedding suit

Proposing is nerve-wracking enough but then you have to decide what to wear on your wedding day…how do you decide?

At Vavci we encourage clients to get out of their comfort zone and dare to be different on their big day. Here are some basic questions to think about before you style your way down the aisle:

Is it a day wedding or at night? Perhaps opt for a lighter or brighter shade of the traditional blue or grey if it’s the former?

Where is the wedding going to be held?  In a place of worship, outdoors or in a hotel ballroom? The details make all the difference.

What colors and patterns are you comfortable wearing? Do you want to match with your bride-to-be? The groomsman?  Bright blues and soft greys look great in photographs. Plain cloth is easier to match accessories with but stripes and checks are an inspired choice for some.

Our one piece of advice—-don’t go too bold! No wife will want to be upstaged on her wedding day!

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