The classic white shirt

The classic white shirt

A man’s wardrobe essentials might be few in number but can always be big on style. Whether it’s a pair of blue jeans, brown chinos or a dark suit these staples can all be paired with the most versatile of essentials, the classic white shirt. Be it a casual get-together with friends or an important business meeting, a crisp, white shirt with the right details can truly set you apart from the crowd and make you shine.

All Vavci bespoke shirts are made using the finest fabrics.

Vishal and Kanika Mehra are available for bespoke appointments at Vavci’s Jumeirah boutique. A member of the Vavci team will contact you for your fitting at the shop, and the order will then take approximately 4 weeks to be completed. Your bespoke paper pattern will be kept for future orders and your measurements adjusted accordingly where necessary.

The importance of Accessories

Image: Collage of a selection of ties in various hues…purple, blue; same with pocket squares and a pair of classic Italian shoes…With each image a long headline as shown below:

Overarching message: To complete the shopping experience and one’s wardrobe, VAVCI has also made available to its exclusive clientele equally impressive collections of accessories that range from pure leather shoes, ties and belts to scarves, pocket squares and traditional accessories that are designed to accentuate every look.

‎For ties: An artist begins with a blank canvas. For you, sir, the canvas is your shirt. Vavci ties made of wool or silk are the perfect complement…they’re hey’re rich, regal, and contrast sharply against a light background.‎‎‎

For pocket squares: Add a dash of colour to your wardrobe with a bright hued pocket square and win the style stakes too!

For shoes: They say to be truly happy, you first need to be comfortable in your own shoes. VAVCI’s fabulous collection of pure leather footwear make it that much easier.

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