The bespoke process

The bespoke process

Creating bespoke clothing is an art. And what is an artist without its muse? We understand that in order to create the perfect suit or tuxedo you need to have a say. When is the clothing going to be worn? Who is the person wearing it and what lifestyle do they lead? From the earliest consultation through to the final fitting, you, the client, are an integral part of the creative process.

And we take no shortcuts…if something needs to be hand-stitched we will do the needful. When you’re aspiring to the highest standards of Savile Row, only the finest will do. The best fabrics, master craftsmen, a wide choice of styles and patterns and our exacting attention to detail combine to give you a final creation that is the best it can be.

To complete the shopping experience and one’s wardrobe, we have an equally impressive collection of accessories available in our showroom. Pure leather shoes, ties and belts and scarves, pocket squares and traditional accessories, all designed to accentuate every look.


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