Grooming you for a lifetime of happiness

Grooming you for a lifetime of happiness

VAVCI’s personal stylists work closely with discerning grooms to give each one a distinctive look, one that always complements that of his bride. We understand how important this is and are committed to ensuring a style ‘match made in heaven’.

At the initial consultation, once we’ve served you a special pot of tea and made you comfortable, we spend some time finding out more about you…your personal taste, lifestyle, personality, your favorite colors…and about your significant other.

Your journey of style discovery begins when we ask you to select your fabrics from our extensive selection of luxury cloth. The purest Indian fabrics with intricate weaves and embroidery, in a myriad of colors with embellishments to suit every taste and the exquisite excellence of the cut all add up to making every garment a work of art.

You will then sit with our tailor and agree on the finished design and your full measurements will then be taken. Another appointment will be booked for the first fitting in case any adjustments are required to perfect the fit. It usually takes a minimum of 2-3 fittings to reach perfection, we like to say.

Prior to delivering your wedding outfit, it is then tried on for a final approval and released with our best wishes…Leave it to Vavci to create memories that last a lifetime.

King for a Day….or even a lifetime

VAVCI’s haute couture collection provides stunning and rich attires designed to make any man feel like royalty. Our extravagantly embellished ensembles are coupled with a color palette from the royal era to create not just the perfect ensemble but a true work of art.

Can we get more details on where you source the fabrics??

The Royal Touches

Whilst Indian’s men’s fashion is definitely becoming more universal, our accessories tend to be inspired by our unique culture. For formal events, men still choose to wear the traditional three-piece suit with a pair of elegant cufflinks, a tie or a pocket square in a complementary color. For weddings in the North, the groom will wear a pagdi embellished with pearls or uncut diamonds, showcasing the skill and detailing that has made our artisans renowned all over the world. These embellishments can also be seen in Vavci’s wedding couture this season to add that extra sparkle to an outfit.

Can you share more details of where you source the accessories?

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