Founded on two decades of custom tailoring, Vavci is an international label that exudes refined style and sophisticated taste in bespoke men’s wear. With high profile clients that include Bollywood and Hollywood superstars, international cricketers and celebrity chefs, Vavci has become the premier source of custom luxury men’s wear and tailor made shirts in Dubai and across the globe.

Impeccably tailored shirts for our choice clientele

We have an exclusive design studio situated in the heart of Dubai, one of the most prestigious metropolitan cities in the world, catering to men of discerning tastes in fashion and style. Our studio showcases a world-class selection of fabrics and display of styles to get custom made shirts in Dubai, each exquisitely tailored and handcrafted for the perfect fit.

We offer our clients a wealth of choices in designs and styles, fabrics and colours, other fine details along with personal styling tips by our design consultants. We offer tailor made shirts that perfectly fit your physique as you want it, while echoing your individual style and distinct personality. From the choice of colour and fabric, to custom made cuffs and collars to personalised monograms, every detail is noted for a unique customisation experience Different textured fabrics, patterns, colours, and styles allow you to create a look that individualises your style, while a wide range of collars, , cuffs and buttons give you the widest range of customisation options to meet your unique fashion sense.

A first-class collection of tailored shirts & bespoke suits

A bespoke ensemble speaks volumes about the man. Make a great impression and indelible mark on the people you meet, wherever you go. Let our team at Vavci tailor the perfect-fitting bespoke ensemble for you. Meet our in-house designers and master tailors when you set an appointment at our studio. Get in touch with us through +971 55582 5072 or send your message or inquiry at

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