When you’re aspiring to the highest standards of Savile Row, only the finest will do. The best fabrics, master craftsmen, a wide choice of styles and patterns and Vavci’s exacting attention to detail combine to give you the most luxurious bespoke attires.

Discover bespoke tailoring inspired by the timeless traditions of Savile Row, with bespoke suits and shirts in Dubai from Vavci.

Bespoke suits in Dubai crafted for you

As a renowned brand in international fashion, Vavci has an unyielding commitment to quality and excellence. Our bespoke suits and equally bespoke shirts are handcrafted to perfection by our very own master tailors, and we offer a vast variety of premium fabrics and lining materials to allow complete personalisation of each piece. Our experienced design consultants are there to assist you to make your selection.

This translates to a truly personalised and luxurious approach to creating handcrafted bespoke suits in Dubai.

Our Savile Row-inspired methodology of creating bespoke suits and shirts

Vavci follows the long-esteemed method of bespoke tailoring that originated in Savile Row, with master craftsmen who are truly well-versed in its art and craft. Our bespoke shirts and suits are completely made by hand, each piece measured, cut, and stitched by our master tailors here in Dubai.

To ensure a premium personalised fit, we take detailed measurements of the client, considering important features such as the unique shape of their physique, the roll of their shoulders, and the exact length of their arms. These measurements are then used to create a paper template, cut, formed, and put together by hand to serve as a personalised template of the bespoke suit and shirt.

The client is allowed to personalise his suit from a wide range of fabric choices, including high class pure wool fabrics with thread count choices of 110, 120, 150, and so on. To enhance the premium feel of our bespoke suits, a floating canvas is handwoven into the inside lining, and clients can choose from camel hair canvas, horsehair canvas and other options of interlinings.

Make your personal style statement in bespoke attires with Vavci

Visit our design studio today at Villa no. 11, along Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah, Dubai, and have our master tailors create the perfect suit & shirt combination for you. You can also call us at +971 55582 5072 or email us at to set an appointment.